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Provocative Clip-On Hairpiece by EasiHair


Provocative Clip-On Hairpiece is a long length synthetic clip-on ponytail hairpiece with a layered effect by Jon Renau EasiHair. It features a 2-in-1 attachment, and can be attached to your hair quickly and easily by either the claw clip, or the innovative Fusion Bun Base + Drawstring attachment. A best selling style.
Jon Renau EasiHair
Fiber: Synthetic Clip-On Ponytail Hairpiece
Length: Crown 20", Nape 14"
Weight: 5.04 oz.
Color Shown: (Pic. 1-2) 4 Brownie Finale
Item SKU#: 633
Attachment: Simply open the top of the claw comb and clip over your bun or ponytail. For Fusion attachment, detach combs and place at top and bottom of the base. Pull your hair back into a bun. Fit the hairpiece pocket around the bun inserting the combs. After the combs are secure in your hair, pull the elastic strings on both sides and tighten around your bun for a secure fit.
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