CLOVER Synthetic Heat Friendly Lace Front Wig
shown in Roca Margarita Blonde

CLOVER Synthetic Heat Friendly Lace Front Wig

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CLOVER by BelleTress - Synthetic Heat Friendly Lace Front Wig

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Clover by BelleTress is textured, all over layers with light, wispy bangs at the front. Subtle spikes at the back creates a messy but fun and modern feathered perfection. Features of a lace front, creative side monofilament and unique heat friendly synthetic hair fiber lends styling options as you wish. Effortless and lightweight, Clover arrives ready-to-wear with a quick shake and finger styling, or add waves or more smoothed look with heat settings up to 350 degrees for varied looks.
Item SKU# - BT-6088-CLOVER

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