Synthetic Heat Friendly Hair Care

Heat Defiant Synthetic Hair Care...

Love HD Hair? We do too. Taking care of your heat friendly synthetic hair fiber. The how to's are simple.

General recommendation for washing your wigs and hair pieces, every 6-8 wears.

  • Before washing your HD heat defiant synthetic wig or hairpiece, remove tangles with use of a wide tooth comb only. Do not pull on the hair fibers, be gentle.
  • Hold the wig or hairpiece under cool running water. Lather hair gently with a capful of shampoo keeping the hair traveling in the same direction. Do not rub the hair as you will cause tangle and possibly damage the hair.
  • Rinse the wig under cool water until water runs clear.
  • Detangle using only a wide tooth comb designed for wig hair.
  • Spray a few pumps of Leave In Conditioning Spray for wigs keeping away from base on wig or hairpiece.

  • Let air dry completely for best results. You can also use a digital controlled hair dryer at low to medium heat at maximum 350 degrees fahrenheit and use a wide tooth comb only in the process while drying.
  • Apply detangling spray, just a few pumps will do, focusing on bottom part of wig or hairpiece. Gently comb through with wide tooth comb.


  • Heat curling iron to 270 - 280 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Using your wide tooth comb, gently detangle the hair.
  • Start at the nape with 1.5 inch sections of hair, spray a small amount heat treatment thermal styling spray onto section to protect fiber (1-2 pumps.)
  • Hold the released curl in your hand, gather up toward base and pin with small metal clips as if a pin curl.
  • Allow curl to completely cool.
  • Comb to desired effect with the wide tooth comb. Finger style to blend curls.

Flat Iron
  • Heat Iron to 270 - 280 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Start at the nape with 1.5 inch hair sections.
  • Spray Heat Treat Thermal Spray onto hair fiber section to protect.
  • Stay 1 - 2 inches away from base of cap of wig or hairpiece. Slowly smooth flat iron down to ends of hair.
  • Follow behind with wide tooth comb.
  • Allow to hand dry naturally until hair has completely cooled. Finger style comb as you wish.

Removing Frizz from High Heat Fiber:

Due to the natural of high heat synthetic fiber, frizzing can occur due to friction, pulling or tension on the hair. Not to worry, here's what to do.

Gather the following items:
  • Heat Treat Thermal Spray
  • HD Smooth Detangler
  • Wide Tooth Comb
  • Mannequin Head or Wig Stand
  • Flat Iron
  • T-Pins
Step 1: Secure your piece on the mannequin head or wig stand. Determine the level of frizz, if mild, flat iron the hair first.
Step 2: Spray on 3 - 5 pumps of wig detangling spray such as HD Smooth Detangler, concentrating on mid level to ends of hair. Comb with wide tooth comb.
Step 3: Starting at the nape, take a 1 inch section and apply steam to damaged area for 3 seconds to damaged area. Allow to cool and dry completely.
Step 4: Protect hair fiber from heat tools, spray on Heat Treat Thermal Spray or Restore Conditioner. (1 - 2 pumps.)
Step 5: Flat iron 270 - 280 degrees fahrenheit.