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How to Measure Your Head Size For Wigs

  • Head Size - AVERAGE: (21.5" - 22.5" Circumference), (13.5" Ear to Ear), (14.5" Front to Back)  (View all: Average Cap Wigs)
  • Head Size - PETITE: (20.5" - 21.5" Circumference), (13" Ear to Ear), (13.25" Front to Back)  (View all: Petite Cap Wigs)
  • Head Size - LARGE: (22.5" - 23.5" Circumference), (14" Ear to Ear), (15.5" Front to Back)  (View all: Large Cap Wigs)
  • Head Size - CHILD: (18.5" - 19.5" Circumference), (12.5" Ear to Ear), (12" Front to Back)  (View all: Children's Child Cap Size)
  • Head Size - PETITE/AVERAGE: (21" - 22" Circumference), (13.25" Ear to Ear), (13.75" Front to Back)  (View all: Petite-Average Cap Size)
  • Head Size - AVERAGE/LARGE: (22.5" Circumference), (13.75" Ear to Ear ), (14 3/4" Front to Back)

Determining the correct measurements of your head size before you choose a wig style is an important step in the process. Although it may seem confusing at first, once you've found your measurement and know whether you fall into average cap, petite, large cap or somewhere in between, takes the guesswork out of which styles to choose and buy. If a wig cap is too small or too large, you will certainly regret not taking a moment for this important first task. For a wig to feel, fit and look it's best on your, it needs to fit correctly. Once determined, you now know your headsize and can move on in the next steps of your wig style and hair color choice. A one time effort, well worth it.

When shopping our website, you'll see noted directly on the product page for the style, "cap size", or "headsize" indicating if average, petite, large, average large, petite average the style is made in. Also noted, you'll be able to read about the styles specifications such as hair length, hair type and color shown on model wearing the style. From there you can make your decision on a hair color choice from the colors made in the style.

Something to note, some manufacturer brands can vary slightly in terms of cap size. For instance, what one brands average, petite or large cap head size may be, might be a little smaller or larger than another brands size. While not generally considerable, as long as you have taken the measurements for your head size, stay with that cap size when choosing a style. Most wigs can also very easily be professionally sized some to customize the cap size slightly for your needs.

Questions regarding wig cap sizes, colors or constructions, call or send us an email, we're here to help.