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Raquel Welch Vibralite Color Ring

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Raquel Welch Vibralite Wig Color Ring

Contains the Fashion Hair Color Swatches for the Collection. 

Colors Include:

R1, R2, R4, R435S, R6, R7S, R8, R829S, R830, R9S, R10, R11S, R12T, R13S, R14T, R14/88H, R1416T, R25, R16, R1621S, R1627, R2026S, R21T, R22, R25, R101, R27T, R28S, R29S, R30, R3025S, R33, RR3329S, R130, R133S, R6/30H, R8/25, R1020, R12/26H, R13/23, R14/25, R30/27H, R265, R267, R269, R36, R38, R44, R4460S, R48, R51G, R56, R56/60, R60, R119G
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