For most of 2011 and continuing strongly into 2012, the dominating fashion trends in hair have been all about revival. For the past year, the scene has had an emphasis on casual looks: home-fashioned curls, buns, and long, bouncy, flowing locks of hair were widely popular amongst celebrities and fashionistas. Additionally, the “Ombre” had reentered the spotlight, with many celebrities sporting the natural, 70’s sun-kissed look of cascading brunette-to-blonde highlights. Ombré is a French word that literally means "shaded to a gradient", and it gives the carefree, sexy look of someone who has spent too much of her time at the beach and not enough time on her roots. However, the proper execution of these highlights is crucial to retaining a fashionable but natural look. If not blended properly or with tasteful consideration for your pre-existing tones, you may end up with a backlash that could leave an impression at two different ends of tacky: lazy or excessive.

Jessica Biel
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Actress Jessica Biel is known for serving up a classy and well-executed ombre asymmetrical shading, noticeable color-change without being drastic, and her hair appears lush and healthy. The highlights even compliment her skin tone and eyebrows.

Ombre Collection by Jon Renau  Ombre Collection by Jon Renau

Likewise, the Ombre Collection by Jon Renau moves the beauty of Biel’s sun-kissed coloring from the runway to the world of wigs. With its signature “Nicole” lace front wig, Renau combines versatility of a lace front construction, 100% human hair, and luminous color gradiation of Ombre coloring that provides a flawless and up-to-date look with maximum styling versatility.

For a subtler highlight, Jon Renau’s Ombre-style shading of the “Jennifer” Human Hair Wig is the same superior quality of the “Nicole”, without the stark contrast of deep brunette roots.

Renau Ombre Wigs   Renau Ombre Wigs

Revered throughout the industry for expert coloring techniques and brilliantly natural hues, Jon Renau reinforces its reputation again with their Renau Ombre. The Renau Ombre combines the versatility and completely natural appearance of lace front human hair wigs with the luminous color gradation of the Ombre trend. Like all styles in the SmartLace Human Hair Collection, Renau Ombre wigs can be styled with heat and, thanks to the illusion created by the lace front hairline, worn off the face for complete styling flexibility.