Fans of the Ombré: Do not fret if you are considering highlights for this season but are afraid the time for blonde highlights has passed; you are not alone. If you are feeling the urge to do something spectacular with the tips of your locks, I suggest an equally affordable and cheery alternative to the ombre; change your style with the addition of a decorative strand of color, or an assortment of colors, casually placed throughout your hair.

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The trend is immensely popular amongst musicians and celebrities: Disney actress Selena Gomez and country singer Carrie Underwood have both added plenty of colorful strands to their hair, as well as dozens of other fashion-conscious figures.

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Here at HSW Wigs, we offer a variety of hair extension and enhancements in multiple brands and styles, all available in a plethora of colors.

EasiLites ExtensionsEasiLites Extensions

EasiLites Extensions 16" Clip-In Hair Extensions by Jon Reanus EasiHair are 100% human hair clip-in hair extensions produced with protein rich 100% human hair. The EasiLites Extensions are available in vibrant and fun colors, as well as natural tones.

Color Strips Clip-In Hair Extensions
clip in color synthetic hair extensions
The Color Strips Clip-In Hair Extensions by Put On Pieces consist of strips of bright, fun, and colorful pieces are available in eight different options. Available in both heat friendly synthetic hair, these easily manageable extensions add a splash of style to your existing hair with these vibrant clip-in hair extensions. Curl it or straighten it just as you would with your own hair. Extensions attach quickly and easily to your hair with the attached pressure sensitive clip.

Remember: Execution is key. Over-doing it may end with a result that is more costume than complimentary: Taking on the costume looks of Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga is not smart for everyday wear. But the ample addition of color can achieve a breezy, radiant, and fun look that is perfect for sunny summer days. This allows for a wide variety of options. Additions of bright hues in streaks, washes of pastels, dip-dyes, and more, can all tastefully enhance a look that tells people you are happy to be out and about. Keep in mind; your color choices are crucial. Remember, the point of highlighting is not to merely garner attention by dipping your tips in bleach or introducing an entire color palette into your hair, but to compliment your pre-existing tones and features to create a vibrant, fresh look for the summer.