Belle Tress Wigs Color Ring

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Contains the hair swatches for the synthetic hair wig and hairpiece styles for the Classic and Cafe' Collection. The ring helps define which color will work for you for your skin tone, lifestyle or mood.

CAFE COLLECTION: Cappuccino with Cherry (4HL350),  Cayenne with Ginger Root (1BR/33/350), Chocolate with Caramel ( 4R/8/27), Coffee without Cream (1B/2), Cola with Cherry (4R/6/350), Ginger (4/6), Honey with Chai Latte (11R/88B/613), Mocha with Cream (2R/613/88B), Sugar Cookie with Hazelnut (6R/144/88B). Vanilla Lush (140/22HL613)

CLASSIC COLLECTION: Burgundy (33), Burgundy/HL (33H130), Cappuccino (4), Chestnut (31/130), Cinnamon /HL (30HL24B), Espresso (1B), Ginger Brown (8/32), Gold Blonde/HL (140/22HL613), Graduate Grey (56F51), Honey Brown (8HL26, Light Blond/HRR (613T27), Marble Brown (6/27), Paprika (130), Spring Honey (140/14), White (60), 17/101 (17/101), 60F56 (60F56) 
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