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Summer Style Session Vol. 6: Pony Up!

Posted HSW on 7/20/2012 to Hairpieces
The Ponytail has been long considered a hairdo for the gal in a rush or trying to conceal a bad hair day, but the truth is this tressed tail is a timeless style that looks equally fabulous at the gym or on the runway. 

Summer Style Session Vol. 5: Hair Braids!

Posted HSW on 7/13/2012 to Hair Extensions
Its official: everyone loves braids this summer. They've been spotted everywhere! Celebrities of all tiers and talents have been seen sporting some style of braid this summer.

Summer Style Session Vol. 4 Summertime Highlights

Posted HSW on 7/10/2012 to Hair Extensions
Fans of the Ombr: Do not fret if you are considering highlights for this season but are afraid the time for blonde highlights has passed; you are not alone.

Summer Style Session Vol. 3 The Bob

Posted HSW on 7/6/2012 to Wigs
Continuing with the trend of classic hairstyle revivals for summer 2012, it is no surprise that a wide variety of bobs has burst back on the fashion scene.

Summer Style Session Vol. 2 The Wet Look Wig

Posted HSW on 7/2/2012 to Hairpieces
As we saw with the Ombre, this trend of airy, laid-back styles remains immensely popular; but 2012 has fired back with a resurgence of conservative and classic fashion styles as well.