So many choices?

You've chosen a style, great start! Now to hair colors. This can be a little tricky at best...we understand that. So many colors, from shaded hair colors, traditional, highlighted rooted, highlighted, hybrant multi-tones hair shades, Ombre two tones and more. All of them beautiful. Some pointers we'd like to offer.

  • For the new wig wearer, we recommend staying as close to your natural hair color as possible in starting out. Keep things simple, lessen the shock factor in not having worn a wig or hairpiece before. Good things come to those who wait has never been truer. Soon after the transitional period of becoming used to wearing your new style, you'll be changing things up with new wig colors.
  • Those of you who are familiar with wearing wigs and pieces, yet simply unsure how to determine colors from the color charts on our website, we recommend knowing or being aware of your color temperature. Are you best in warm, mid or cooler shades based on skin coloring. Hair can change our complete look, facial features and mood. It's important to get them right, or at best, two out of three.
  • Noteworthly, each wig manufacturer has different hair colors. Meaning, what a medium brown, medium blonde, medium red, medium grey by one brand name, can vary in color to what another brand name manufacturer makes. Overall, each manufacturer stays 'relatively' close to each other in 'traditional shades,' however, that's where it stops. Moving into rooted, highlighted, tipped, streaked and shaded hair colors, becomes unique to them. And, may we say, we love them for that! Nevertheless, back to the word 'relatively,' please do not take for granted what you feel a medium brown is, or "should be" as the only medium brown that exists. There are many tones and hues that can make up that shade, and additionally, color is a subjective thing. Our color charts and swatches are intended to help guide you in the process of selection. However, in no way, can it be guaranteed 100% accuracy from viewing online to what a color may be in person.
Which takes us to, WE LOVE QUESTIONS. Really, we do! Email us, call us, send us a hair sample, buy a wig color ring. We've available to you to assist in getting it right, and want you to get it right. Happy customers make us happy...period!

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