Need a quick and fun boost of color to add to your own hair or maybe a little more coverage? Try any of these fabulous clip-in hair extensions. From Jon Renau EasiHair The EasiPrints Synthetic Clip-In Extension - or clip on a Hairdo Color Strip 16 Inch bright shades and more. Depending on your needs, we've got you covered.

Always on trend, fun and flirty bright color and textured looks in clip-in hair extensions. The EasiPrints Synthetic Clip-In Extension from Jon Renau Easihair. Seriously sexy, in heat-friendly synthetic hair in a range of hair colors with bold stripes. They measure 16 inches long, and are perfect for an out the door splash of color. An easy clip on extension that simply snaps shut, placed where you wish throughout you own hair. EasiPrints is head-turning we assure.
EasiPrints Synthetic Clip-In Extension

Looking for something more simple, yet the wow factor kept firmly in place? Try the POP by Hairdo Color Strips 16 inch long hair extensions. These are made in 8 vibrant colors ranging from Blue, Pink, Berry, Party Dress Green (our favorite), Silver Surprise and more. Best of all, these are made in Tre2Life heat friendly synthetic hair. Style to your hearts content, they respond to heat styling as your own natural hair up to 350 degrees of heat. Try adding multiple colors randomly throughout your hair, these are so fun! Attachment is the same as the EasiPrints clip on's.
POP by Hairdo Color Strips 16 inch long hair extensions

For women needing a more targeted approach in extensions and hair coverage, our clip-in extensions also come in more extensive units and widths, designed for specific hair loss concerns.

Top pieces, also sometimes referred to interchangeably as a term for hair extensions, are an easy way to improve upon thinning hair or add length and volume in one easy swoop. With the same benefits of clip-on technology, easily address hair loss at the crown, front of head, at the back and sides or in adding a little or whole lot of length.

Some terrific choices are the Jon Renau EasiHair EasiPart 18 Inch Hair Extension. Providing coverage at the top of crown and with a monofilament top base for added versatility of the look of a natural scalp with hair growth. Made in heat friendly synthetic hair, and also made in a 100% version too. View the entire Collection by Jon Renau HERE, some wonderful choices that address hair loss and thinning hair in women for all problem areas of the head.

Another option, from HairUWear, Raquel Welch Collection, the Fauz Fringe Hair Addition, it works perfect along the top and front. It has a partial mono top at the top, for a hint more realism and confidence. Made in synthetic hair, designed to mimic the real thing, and is a best seller by far. Attachment, four easy to use snap toupee clips, slide into your existing hair, snap shut, blend with your own hair and that's it. It may require some professional tailoring by an experienced stylist if needed. Be sure if you do, have the extension hairpiece on your head prior to having any altering done. 

Something in an all in one weft of hair to add length, coverage and density? An great hair extension set to consider is the Wig Pro Sheer Skins Set. The sky's the limit for styling. Pure 100% remy human hair individual hair wefts, clip on at any various heights throughout your own. Of a sheer density hair, these are perfect when looking to added seamless length, 15 inches to be exact. They are not bulky, so they keep things real and natural. Clip in, blend, heat style, curl, they response to styling as if your natural hair.

Last but not least, one of our absolute favorites, the Hairdo 18 Inch Remt Human Hair Extensions Kit. A 10 piece extension system, thin hair wefts on clip on toupee clips that can be randomly placed throughout your own. These are made in the purest 100% remy human hair. Styling you ask? Exactly how you wish! They work wonders for just about all hair types and are simply so easy to apply. Available in 12-hair colors to choose from. And, they can be professionally colored as well if needed.

Girl power galore! Keep it real, uncomplicated, keep it completely you! While clip-in hair extensions have been around quite some time, they remain a trend that will stay firmly in place in the future. No limits in colors, placement, ease of use and yes, age brackets of the who wants and who need. Customers of all age ranges simply cannot get enough of these terrific and versatile pieces. 

We carry many more clip-on hair extensions, so be sure to view all we offer. Synthetic, human hair, heat-friendly synthetic hair, we got them all. Of course, if ever in need of any advise with any of these, call or drop us an email, we love sharing and can do just that. We're here to keep you looking flirty and fabulous!

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