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Color Match Help

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We offer several ways to assist you in making the best color choice.

See the color hair swatch sample for a given brand name you my be interested in purchasing in a particular wig or hairpiece style ahead of time. It gets you closer to taking the guesswork out of being sure of the color you view of online swatches in terms of accuracy of the color that's truly best for you. 

To view and purchase any of the color rings by the different brands we carry, click HERE

As an incentive, we offer a 10% discount on your order if you purchase a color ring prior to buying your wig or hairpiece. Simply purchase the color ring you need, and within 30 days of purchase of the color ring, when you then buy the item(s) you've decided on, simply drop us an email, tell us your order number for your purchased color ring, and we'll update your order in applying your 10% discount. 

Send us a hair sample. We use your sample sent against the manufacturer brand name colors for you. Simply indicate the brand and style name of the item(s) when you send in your hair sample. Note: please be sure your sample contains a substantial density of hair, and is not taken from the bottom ends of your hair. This helps ensure we can provide you the most accurate color match as possible 

Send you hair sample, along with your email address and telephone number to:

HSW Wigs
12497 C.R 452
Lindale, TX 75771 

Allow us up to 7-business days to respond with our best recommendation.

You can view colors for styles by simply going to the product page, or by clicking on the link located at the right side of the drop down color selection box, titled "Color Chart." Keep in mind, color swatches online, can and most likely will, vary from viewing online to what a color might look like in person.

Additional and Important Notes Regarding Online Color Swatches: 
As best we can display color swatches for any of the wig brands we carry on our website, keep in mind, there is simply no way to have any of the colors show as "true to life color or trucolor" as is said. Limitations such as monitor resolutions, lighting you are physically standing/sitting in when viewing swatches, as well as a multitude of other subjective factors such as how colors are seen and viewed by one person's eyes to another's, makes the realm of colors a difficult process in choosing. While we understand it can be difficult to know if you are making the right color choice in respect to what you'd hoped for, or expected, we highly recommend purchasing a color ring for the brand you intend to purchase from ahead of time. If you've had the luxury of already seeing a style or color in a physical storefront beforehand, then you are a step ahead of most customers. For those of you who have not had that opportunity, are purchasing for the first time, or seasoned in wearing wigs and pieces, yet interested in changing your look or traditional color, it can be a daunting process. As restocking fees are part and parcel in the hair industry, not only applicable to you, the customer, but to us as well, the distributor (by the manufacturers if we need to request a return or exchange on your behalf), restocking/reshipping fees do apply. They are not in place as a penalty or way for us to make "extra money," they are our agreed upon policy when you shop with us, are non-negotiable and will not be waived.