EasiPart 18 Exclusive Colors - Human Hair Topper
EasiPart 18 Exclusive Colors Human Hair Topper by EasiHair

EasiPart 18 Exclusive Colors - Human Hair Topper

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EasiPart 18 inch Exclusive Colors - Human Hair Topper

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  • Description
    Use the EasiPart 18 Inch Exclusive Colors Human Hair Topper by EasiHair to clip-in for coverage, thickness and volumizing at top of head at the part. A monofilament base with hand-tied hair fiber in 100% remy human hair allows the most versatile styling. Create limitless look, the hair fiber can be heat styled, just as your natural hair. Apply and blend the hairpiece by simply placing at the top crown part of head, use the attached pressure sensitive toupee clips to slide in and snap shut for a secure comfortable fit. The perfect hair density, not thick or bulky, lightly teased at the roots and your done. Made in RN Renau Exclusive Colors.
    • Jon Renau EasiHair EasiPart Toppers
    • Fiber: Remy Human Hair (Care & Styling Guide)
    • Length: 18"
    • Base & Size: Monofilament, 5" x 2.75"
    • Contains: (One Piece)
    • Color Shown: 6F27
    • SKU#: EH-734A
    Notable Features of Jon Renau's EasiPart 18 Inch Exclusive Clip-In Hair Topper:

    • Welded Monofilament: allows multi-directional styling and most natural appearance of hair growth.
    • PU Coated Monofilament: for use with adhesive if needed.
    • 100% Remy Human Hair: the purest natural and versatile human hair for creating limitless styling. Style just as you would your own.
    • Pressure Sensitive Clips: easy application toupee clips for attachment, will not cause damage to your own hair.
    NOTE: Some degree of styling is necessary to achieve looks shown on models. If adding color, highlights or perming, we do recommend a professional stylist experienced in working with hairpieces. Only RN Renau Exclusive colors can be altered.

    Exclusive Colors (Renau Naturals): Jon Renau Naturals (RN) shades achieve vibrant hues without the use of dyes. Traditional human hair undergoes bleaching to remove color pigment, followed by color with fade proof, permanent dyes. Renau Naturals, gently lifts the original color until the desired hue is achieved. Hues are then hand-blended, to create stunning and shimmery natural hair colors. Renau Exclusives/Natural shades are processed without use of textile-like dyes, and as a result allows professional alternate hair colorists to lift and deposit color up to 2-3 levels of color successfully.

    Shaded Colors: Also referred to as Rooted Colors, are made by blending longer pieces of lighter colored fiber, and colored darker at the ends to create the "root." Shaded colors are very natural looking as they mimic natural hair regrowth of one hairline at the root. These colors are not to be altered in any way.
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