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Excite - Synthetic Wig (Monofilament)

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Excite - Synthetic Wig (Monofilament)

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The Excite Wig by Raquel Welch is a short boy cut with longer layering at the front, tapered back and monofilament wig construction. A Sheer Indulgence™ style combining effortless styling and realism. The mimic of a natural scalp with hair growth and hand-knotted hair fiber from front hairline to the crown provides natural hair movement for confident wear. Hair parting options are easy in this lightweight style. The cap is designed to take the shape of your head for what feels completely custom.
Collection: Sheer Indulgence™
Wig Construction: Monofilament
Hair Fiber: Synthetic
Cap Size: Petite-Average (view guide)
Weight: 1.8 oz.
Length: Front 4.5", Crown 6", Sides 2.5", Back 2.5", Nape 2"
Color Shown: R3025S Glazed Cinnamon
Sheer Indulgence Top Features: A monofilament top with a machine made Memory Cap Base and exclusive Vibralite synthetic fiber. Made to exact specifications, the hair in the entire top area of the Sheer Indulgence Top Wig is hand-knotted, one by one, providing forward movement and the look of natural hair growth. This feature allows for flexibility of parting the hair on the left or right, or in the center. A polyurethane front rim has been added to accommodate tape attachment for added security if desired. Luminous, hand blended colors provide the look and highlights of natural hair.
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