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Eylure Naturalites Exaggerate 140 Eyelashes Multipack

Eylure Naturalites Exaggerate 140 Eyelashes Multipack

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The Eylure Naturalites Exaggerate 140 Eyelashes are unapolgetically ologetically full and attention grabbing strip lashes loaded with volume and curl. Looking to add drama to your eyes, these stunning lush girly girl eyelashes with do the trick. Easy to apply and includes lash glue, application and care instructions. Naturalites add instant glamour and beauty to your eyes, work well with any eye shape and are perfect for daily wear.

To Apply: Lift lashes away from tray with tweezers, applicator, or your finger. If they are glued across lash, ease away from the half moon with your thumbs in a downward motion.

Measure against your eye, if too long, use sharp scissors to trim away what is not needed to customize to your needs.

Apply a thin line of Eylure Lashfix Glue to lash band. Wait approximately 20-30 seconds until glue becomes tacky before applying.
Apply with tweezers, applicator or your fingers, whichever you are most comfortable with. Place from the middle of eye first to the inner and outer edges. Press and hold for a few seconds.
To reuse. Remove glue from lash strip with fingers of tweezers and place back in tray until next use.
To Remove: Peel off from outer edge to inside. Completely ouch-less.
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