Fresh, fabulous, glam girl. Gabor Spring 2017 Wigs are here! 5-NEW STYLES for the Next and Luxury Collection. Introducing, True Demure, Curl Appeal, Sweet Talk, Runway Waves (in both average and large cap sizes) and Sheer Elegance

From short, beach waves, slick boy-cuts and pixies, to a long runway fashion look, Catwalk not included! Easy wear with all the perks of lace fronts and monofilament top parts, each new wig combines versatile realism. Stay on trend for a new season, bright days ahead with right now salon styles for women and young teens. Eva Gabor Wigs Spring 2017 also introduces a NEW SOFT SHADE, namely GL29-31SS (Soft Shade Rusty Auburn) to the mix. So popular, each of the Soft Shades have been a hit for clients. HairUWear has added this fabulous new hair color which is a Chocolate base leading to a mid-Copper tone and finished speckled with Amber highlights. A warmer tone for those of you who carry warmer hair colors best. Here at HSW Wigs, we've yet firmly decided which of the new Spring styles we love most. Each look has posh and panache, making it a touch choice. So far, Runway Waves is seeming the consensus. Feminine soft waves, shoulder length with a lace front and mono part, simply stunning. Then, turning to curls, you'll see them  everywhere in the coming season and throughout most, if not all of 2017. THE IT trend in hair that's hot! Loose, tight ringlets and in between curls, defining diva fabulous and a flirty playful side.


Flirty and playful, this collar length tight curls wig frames the face. Lightweight with a lace front for a hint added realism. A gorgeous shape and vibe for 2017. It requires nothing more than shake and wear finger styling. Make and statement outside of the box of your normal routine and look. Head turning style that speaks volumes, no pun intended. Bedroom to boardwalk or boardroom, Curl Appeal works for an event or occasion. From the Gabor Luxury Collection and made in both Gabor Luminous colors as well as 8-Soft Shades to choose from.


Sporty meets classic sophistication in this short boy-cut to pixie. Feathery waves with tapering at the sides and back. Really, and easy style! From the Eva Gabor Next Collection. True Demure is made in lifelike Flexlite synthetic hair fiber. Comfortable, lightweight with stretchable Personal Fit Cap construction. No fuss styling, it's ready when you are. This look works well on all face shapes, universal beauty complete. Available in 27+ Gabor Luminous colors, including gray shades, and 8 Soft Shades, one of which is the newest GL29-31SS.


Strut your stuff in this complete Catwalk worthy style. Runway Waves, while a wig, simply does not resemble one! Natural beauty, in a timeless silhouette with flowing loose waves falls just below the shoulders. Features of a low density 1 inch deep sheer lace front hairline and mono part at the top for an illusion of the real thing. She is part of the Luxury Collection of Gabor Wigs and is effortless. Lightweight combines with open wefts along the sides and back, a Personal Fit cap construction and adjustable cap. A terrific example of the newest Soft Shade shown in GL29-31SS. Made in both traditional Luminous colors and the spectrum of newest Soft Shades too.


Charming, sweet and destined for fame! This playful side of romantic beach waves, puts your best face forward effortlessly. Cropped soft waves with a natural air-dried effect. No age restrictions on this style, quite simply it works for anyone. Seemingly we're not the only ones to see this, the maker, HairUWear has this available in Grey Shades too! Wear and care, requires nothing. Shake and go right out of the box. Keep the unstructured look as is, as intended. Sweet Talk features a low density 1 inch deep lace front and monofilament part at the top for added realism. If you wish to style the hair up and off the face along the front, the choice is yours. We love this look!


This piece-y layers bob wig with  slightly longer sides toward the cheekbone is contemporary chic. Framing your face with natural movement and stacked layering volume at the back. Create dimension and volume with a sweep of hair flicked over and off to the side, or worn down and closer to the forehead. Transitional beauty is an understatement. A sheer lace front hairline and mono part top keep things very real with a hint more versatility with styling. Shorter hair is hot for 2017, the Sheer Elegance Wig is a perfect choice for women wanting the latest trend while skipping the fuss of salons and commitment.

Spring is looking pretty spectacular to us!

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