Bold or subtle, the sexy vibe in hair is modern hues, not so subtle highlights and yes, overgrown roots . The year 2017 steps it up a notch as we continue to see short grounded roots and more exaggerated five to seven inches-chunks in length between the roots to color. Create dimension and contour your face in statement making colors that define your personal style. Shadowed rooted shades to look for, Amethyst, Black, Chocolate Rose Gold, Ginger Pumpkin and Deep Burgundy. Re-create and revitalize your look in soft and dramatic colors.

No secret to the fashion conscious hair diva, wigs are made in a array of rooted shades. For those of you wanting to change it up, but, not wanting to commit to professional coloring of your natural hair just yet, this fabulous trend is simple and affordable. Try one of the many Rooted wig shades, Shadow Rooted and (LR) Long Rooted styles we offer. Some of the brand name wigs we carry, made in rooted shades: Noriko, Rene of Paris, Jon Renau, Raquel Welch, Tony of Beverly, Ellen Wille, Envy. Collectively, almost all wig makers are now making rooted shades. Style from bobs, page and boy-cuts to long and layered hair silhouettes. A popular craze in hair fashion? We think so. Rooted shades are not going away anytime soon and breathing new life into hairstyles all over.

To showcase several styles of wigs in rooted shades at The HeadShop Wigs, each of these looks you can find on our website, we've got them all. Your glimpse at how seriously gorgeous rooted hair color can be. 

Customers favorite, top picks, ours too!

(Ash Platinum Blonde with White and Dark Roots)

The combination of colors in this rooted shades wig is simply amazing Loaded with wow factor! From Noriko Wigs, Tessa PM is made in 12+ rooted shades to choose from. The color shown on model image is a standard rooted effect, meaning the darker shade is concentrated to approximately 3-4 inches of length from root base. 

Noteworthy, Tessa PM is also made in (LR) Long Rooted shades. Earlier, was referenced, extended length of roots before reaching the base color. Noriko Wigs has created longer rooted shades for wigs as well, calling them LR for reference. Crimson-LR, Banana Split-LR, Macadima-LR. On short wig styles they make, the long rooted extends approximately 3 to 3.5 inches, on medium length wigs roots extend approximately 4 inches, and on long hair wigs, look for up to 6 inches of length. 

Tessa PM is not for the weak of heart. A statement making style, angled, shorter at the back, longer sides and a partial mono top cap that keeps it real at the scalp with the look of hair growth. The soft waves and face framing effect of this look is dramatic, yet sensual. This wig in rooted shades is so natural looking. If wanting to experience the glamour of rooted shades in hair, this is a perfect style!

Ellen Wille Code Mono Wig
(Medium Honey Blonde, Dark Ash Blonde, with Light Reddish Brown and Darker Roots)

The Ellen Wille Collection has created a Collection of rooted shades in wigs with a more traditional and softer approach. She blends base colors beautifully, then accents with darker roots gradually with depth and complete realism. Quite a few colors to choose from in various styles, however, Sandy Blonde Rooted is the best selling shade. Simply divine!

Code Mono Wig is the style for every gal. Sleek, smooth and straight, just below the shoulders length with jagged cut ends and swept bang. Silky soft synthetic hair, it mimics the real thing and is easy care wear. A monofilament top on this style gives the appearance of hair growth, with hair parting options. Overall, if seeking the most natural look in a rooted shade, styles with a mono top, and or lace front, represent a shaded rooted effect with a greater realistic effect than wig caps without a mono or lace base construction.

Jon Renau Gisele Wig
(Shaded Praline - Light Gold Brown, Pale Natural Gold Blonde Blend, Shaded with Medium Brown)

The Gisele Wig, long with wavy layering and combined lace front and monofilament top. This is a SmartLace Collection style, completely natural, with flowing movement in soft synthetic hair. Effortless beauty, a head turner. Made in 7 softly rooted shades.

Jon Renau, known for natural and stunning colors and styles in the industry. The art of creating rooted shades for both wigs and hair pieces is a perfected specialty. Blending hair colors, adding highlights and depth of color at the roots, transition beautifully for a flawless look. A range of styles to select from, short bobs, pixies, long luscious layers, bone straight, waves and curls, endless options. Jon Renau offers a selection of rooted colors. Look for "S' in the color, referring to "shaded," which is how they refer to rooted. 

Raquel Welch Wigs rooted shades, made in soft and gradual transitional darker roots. Referred to as "SS' Shadow Shades. The Collection defines not only high fashion wigs and pieces, but color done right as well. With 12+ colors to choose from, there's something for every woman with any skin tone. Perfect coloring at the root, without being overdone.

Editor's Pick, superb with a collar length wavy bob in heat-friendly synthetic that let's you heat style the hair. A combination of a lace front a monofilament top finish the style for the most natural silhouette. A timeless silhouette and best pick for many. This is an easy choice if wanting easy care, comfort, fit, and a rooted wig color to enhance your overall look. 

We'd love your comments on what you think of the new styles, which is your favorite?
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