Human Hair Wigs Care

Caring for Human Hair Wigs, Hairpieces....

It's generally recommended approximately every 6 - 8 wears, however, you will come to know when it's time to wash and refresh based on wear.


  • Prepping - before washing your human hair wig or hairpiece, gently remove tangles with the use of a wide tooth comb designed specifically for wigs.
  • Hold the wig or hairpiece under cool to luke warm water until wet. Apply a small amount of wig shampoo, designed for natural human hair fiber and gently later hair, keeping sure the hair travels in the same direction. Never be harsh or rub the fiber to ensure you protect hair integrity and not cause tangles.
  • Rinse hair thoroughly under cool to luke warm temperature water until all shampoo is gone (water runs clear.)
  • Apply wig conditioner, designed especially for human hair fiber, avoiding base of cap to not weaken knots of hair. Work the conditioner through again keeping hair traveling in same direction.
  • Rinse under cool to luke warm water until water runs clear.

Drying and Styling:

  • Wrap the wig in a towel to blot any excess water. DO NOT RUB THE HAIR.
  • Let the hair completely dry. We recommend letting hair airy dry to protect and ensure longevity of the wig, however you can use a digital hair dryer setting at lower heat setting, no more than 350 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Apply a small amount of Leave In Conditioner, or Treatment Mist to the hair fiber, let dry, and style as you wish.

  • It is helpful to use a professional grade blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron designed with digital settings to ensure you are in control of heat settings.
  • Use styling products designed specifically for human hair fiber. We love. Boho Beach Spray and Weightless Volumizing Foam to create volume and texture. Also try the Argan Smooth Luxury Conditioner designed for human hair as well as Hair U Wear Cleanse Shampoo and Leave in Conditioning Treatment Spray.
  • When applying curls to the hair, use small metal clips to hold each curl in place while cooling each section. It allows the hair to hold the curls you apply longer if you desire a tighter curls look. Trying to achieve a looser curl with a boho look? Let each curl hang as it cool, then gently finger style to loosen.

Buy these items to ensure the best care of your human hair wigs and hair pieces.