How to Measure your head size for wigs

To determine and measure the right wig size for you is as important as choosing your wigs style and color. Measuring to find your size is easy and worth taking a few minutes of your time. Do you fall into the average cap, petite, ultra-petite, large cap size in wigs? For your wig to look, fit and feel it's best, you'll want to take your head measurement first. While most fall into an average size cap, it's simply not the case for everyone. Skip the disappointment when your wig arrives and it dosen't fit. So, let's help you get it right now. It's a one time effort well worth it.

  • Head Size - AVERAGE: (21.5" - 22.5" Circumference), (13.5" Ear to Ear), (14.5" Front to Back) View all: Average Cap Wigs
  • Head Size - PETITE: (20.5" - 21.5" Circumference), (13" Ear To Ear, (13.25" Front to Back) View all: Petite Cap Wigs
  • Head Size - LARGE: (22.5" - 23.5" Circumference), (14" Ear to Ear), (15.5" Front to Back) View all: Large Wigs
  • Head Size: CHILD: (18.5" - 19.5" Circumference), (12.5" Ear to Ear), (12" Front to Back) View all: Children's Child Cap Size
  • Head Size: PETITE/AVERAGE: (21" - 22" Circumference), (13.25" Ear to Ear), (13.75" Front to Back) View all: Petite-Average Cap Size
  • Head Size: AVERAGE/LARGE: (22" Circumference), (13.75" Ear to Ear), (14.3/4" Front to Back)
You'll see as you shop for wigs on our website, a direct mention on each product page, the "cap size." It's in the mix with the rest of the product's description that discusses the wig style, and other specifications and features.

A quick note, some wig manufacturer brands can vary slightly in wig cap size. In laymen terms, one brand's petite, average, large, average-large etc. may be a little smaller or larger than another brand's size. Not usually considerable in terms of how much variance, however it's simply worth noting. If you fully measure your head size circumference, front to back and ear to ear and determine your wig size, then go with it in any and each brand. Also not uncommon, none of us have a perfect head measurement that will always fall exactly to the noted measurement wig guide above. It may entail your needing to have the cap altered slightly by someone familiar in working with wigs. This is easy to do, however, we recommend you incorporate a professional rather than doing yourself.

Questions regarding cap size? Call us or send or text, we're happy to help.

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