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How to put your wig on

Follow these easy steps:

1) Remove your wig from it's box, give it a gentle shake to loosen hair fibers. For wigs and hairpieces with perma-tease (found at the top crown, those shorter little hair fibers that look as if matted or cut off at tips), do not panic. Use your finger tips to lift and fluff, they blend and look natural, we promise.

2) Locate the back and front of wig cap.

3) Brush your own hair back and secure any longer pieces with a hair pin. Place a nylon or mesh wig liners over your hair to secure it, keeping it up and out of the way.

4) From the top and bottom (front and back), place the wig over your head at hairline and adjust until positioned and comfortable for you.

5) Wig should feel secure but no too tight. If needed, use the adjustment tabs at nape and slide inward or outward to your desired needs in loosening or tightening.

6) Style as desired. Synthetic hair (NO HEAT to be applied) simple finger styling and your done. Human hair and heat-friendly synthetic hair fiber wigs, heat style as you wish up to noted temperature settings.