Synthetic Hair Wigs Care & Wear

Washing, Styling and Storing Synthetic Wigs... 

While a general recommendation to wash your wig or hairpiece approximately every 6 - 8 wears, as you become accustom to wearing it, you'll come to know when it's time to clean and refresh the hair fiber based on wear and lifestyle.

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  • Gently, with a wide tooth comb designed for wigs and pieces, remove tangles. Do NOT tug on hair.
  • Hold the wig under cool or slightly luke warn water. Apply a cap full worth of wig shampoo (formulated for synthetic hair fiber) to the wig or hair piece and keeping the hair fiber moving/traveling in the same direction, gently later. Avoid being harsh or rubbing the fiber to ensure you protect hair integrity and not cause tangles.
  • Rinse hair thoroughly under cool to luke warm temperature water until all shampoo is removed and water runs clear.
  • Apply wig conditioner geared for synthetic hair. Gently apply starting at bottom of wig. Avoid apply conditioner on base of cap as this may compromise or weaken the cap construction. Leave conditioner in for several minutes.
  • Rinse under cool to luke warm water to remove all conditioner until water runs clear.

Drying and Styling:
  • Wrap the wig or hairpiece in a towel to gently remove any excess water.
  • DO NOT use a hair brush to detangle hair fiber while wet. You can use a wide tooth comb to gently and slightly loosen any tangles, however, we do not recommend, let hair air dry completely before doing so.
  • Once hair is almost or completely dry, you can spritz a few pumps of Leave In Conditioning Spray to soften and keep hair fiber at it's optimum best.
  • DO NOT apply any heat to synthetic hair fiber. Doing so will result in the hair singing, melting, or curling, essentially ruining the wig hair.


  • If upon receiving your wig or hairpiece, you find you need it altered or restyled to a lesser degree, take it to a professional stylist to achieve the desired effect for your facial features and needs. Do not fuss with the styling of synthetic hair. It's designed specifically for shake and wear styling, holding the curl pattern texture as it was made. You can clip and pin different sections to your liking for a change of pace, as well as use styling products such as wig holding sprays designed for synthetic hair, but as you get used to the wigs, you will most likely find you do not have to do anything if at all. For curly wigs, use a wide tooth comb or pic to loosen fibers, but never pull on the hair.

  • No heat styling tools of any kind are to be used on synthetic hair fiber. Be extra careful to remember not top open a hot oven door for instance. The high heat will singe the hair fiber almost immediately. For heat-friendly synthetic hair wigs, the recommended maximum temperature settings permitted will be noted on the insert instructions, included with your wig upon arrival. Most often, the heat settings should not exceed 320 degrees fahrenheit.

  • Store your wig on a wig stand or mannequin head when not wearing. Keep it in a dry, damp free and heat free environment. This ensures your wig will stay clean, tangle free between wearing, as well as maintain the wigs' style. With hairpieces, simply lay flat if you wish, however again, remembering to keep it in a damp free, heat free place.

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