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Top Full 18
Top Full 12 Synthetic Hair Topper Color Shown 12FS8

Top Full 18" Synthetic Hair Topper by Jon Renau

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Part Number: JR_368
Top Full 18 Synthetic Hair Topper by Jon Renau

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  • Description
    Easy and elegant with a hand-tied monofilament top, the Jon Renau 18 inch synthetic hair topper adds volume, length and coverage at the crown. For women in advanced stage hair loss, this clip-in hairpiece applies in minutes with the attached pressure sensitive snap toupee clips. The illusion of hair growth and natural hair movement of individually hand-tied hair is fabulous. The generous 11-inch base circumference provides ample width and length for thinning hair. Fits comfortably and securely.

    Notable Features of Top Full 18 Synthetic Hairpiece:

    • Double Mono Top Base: mimics the  ook of a natural scalp and hair growth.
    • PU Coated Monofilament: for use with adhesive if needed.
    • Cloth Ribbon.
    • Hand-tied Hair Fiber: greater natural movement.
    • 360 Stretch Hand-tied Section: customized stretch front to back and side to side.
    • Pressure Sensitive Clips: skips the need of glue or tapes if desired.
    Jon Renau Hair Toppers Collection
    Fiber: Synthetic Hair
    Attachment: Clip-In
    Base Size: 11" x 11.5"
    Hair Length: 18"
    Weight: 4.2 oz.
    Color Shown: 6
    SKU#: JR-368

    Colors: 1B (Hot Fudge), 4 (Brownie Finale), 4/33 (Chocolate Raspberry Truffle), 4/27/30 (German Chocolate), 6 (Fudgesicle), 6/33 (Raspberry Twist), 6F27 (Caramel Ribbon), 8/30 (Cocoa Twist), 8RH14 (Hot Cocoa), 10 (Luscious Caramel), 10H16 (Latte), 12 (Coffee Cake), 12/30BT (Rootbeer Float), 24B18 (Eclair), 14/26 (Pralines N Cream), 16/22 (Banana Creme), 22MB (Poppy Seed), 24B22 (Creme Brulee), 24B/27C (Butterscotch), 38 (Milkshake), 56F51 (Oyster), 101F48T (Martini), 60 (Winter Sun), 12FS8 (Shaded Praline), 12FS12 (Malibu Blonde), 14/26S10 (Shaded Peaches & Cream), 22F16S8 (Venice Blonde), 24BT18S8 (Shaded Mocha), FS2V/31V (Chocolate Cherry), FS4/33/30A (Midnight Cocoa), FS6/30/27 (Toffee Truffle), FS17/101S18 ( Palm Springs Blonde), FS24/102S12 (Laguna Blonde), FS26/31 (Caramel Syrup), FS26/31S6 (Salted Caramel), FS27 (Strawberry Syrup)
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