Top Smart 18 - Synthetic Hair Topper
Top Smart 18 Synthetic Hair Topper by Jon Renau Color Shown 6 Fudgesicle
Jon Renau

Top Smart 18 - Synthetic Hair Topper

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Part Number: JR_6001
Top Smart 18 - Synthetic Hair Topper

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  • Description
    A hybridized SmartLace design, Top Smart 18 synthetic hair topper by Jon Renau pairs an invisible lace front with lightweight comfort. Anchoring 18 inches of gorgeous hair, the clip-in style features three polyurethane patches to facilitate strategic adhesive use for added security. The ease of styling in creating multi-directional looks with the appearance of hair growth and mimic of the the most natural hairline available. Instantly add volume, coverage and length to your own hair. Perfect for women with advanced stage hair loss. Comfortable and secure for restored confidence.

    Notable Features of Top Smart 18 Topper:

    • Single Mono Top Base: mimics the  look of hair growth and natural scalp.
    • PU Coated Monofilament: for use with adhesive if needed.
    • Open Wefting: allows maximum coverage, volume and height.
    • SmartLace Welded Lace Front: individually hand-tied hair fiber, mimics your natural hairline.
    • Velvet Connection: allows a smooth comfortable material transition.
    • Cloth Ribbon and Elastic.
    • Pressure Sensitive Clips: skips the need of glue or tapes if desired.
    Jon Renau Hair Toppers Collection
    Fiber: Synthetic Hair
    Attachment: Clip-In
    Base Size: 9" x 9"
    Hair Length: 18"
    Weight: 4.3 oz.
    Color Shown: 6
    SKU#: JR-6001

    Colors: 1B (Hot Fudge), 4 (Brownie Finale), 4/33 (Chocolate Raspberry Truffle), 4/27/30 (German Chocolate), 6 (Fudgesicle), 6/33 (Raspberry Twist), 6F27 (Caramel Ribbon), 8/30 (Cocoa Twist), 10 (Luscious Caramel), 10H16 (Latte), 12 (Coffee Cake), 12/30BT (Rootbeer Float), 24B18 (Eclair), 14/26 (Pralines N Cream), 16/22 (Banana Creme), 22MB (Poppy Seed), 24B22 (Creme Brulee), 24B/27C (Butterscotch), 38 (Milkshake), 56/51, 101F48T (Martini), 60 (Winter Sun), 12FS8 (Shaded Praline), 14/26S10 (Shaded Peaches & Cream), 24BT18S8 (Shaded Mocha), FS2V/31V (Chocolate Cherry), FS4/33/30A (Midnight Cocoa), FS6/30/27 (Toffee Truffle), FS26/31 (Caramel Syrup), FS26/31S6 (Salted Caramel), FS27 (Strawberry Syrup)

    California Blondes: 12FS12 (Malibu Blonde), 22F16S8 (Venice Blonde), FS17/101S18 ( Palm Springs Blonde), FS24/102S12 (Laguna Blonde)
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