Experiencing hair loss ude to medical reasons? Often times acceptance is the first step of the process. Learning as much about your condition, what to expect and questions of "is the hair loss temporary or permanent," and arming yourself with knowledge and answers are best sought between you and the medical profession.

While such a transition takes time, you do have control over some immediate choices you can make in the transition. Talking to peers, alternative treatments and deciding on a suitable hair replacement to fit your needs, whether permanent or temporary, are a great beginning.

Hair Loss Due to Chemotherapy and Radiation Treatment:
We've all known someone who has had the unfortunate experience of hair loss due to these conditions. So, if that person is now you, it becomes an emotional experience, unique and your own. The time to begin learning of your options with alternative hair replacement options, prior to hair loss is one thing you absolutely have control over. Education, choice and choices with wigs and hair pieces work.

Alopeica Universalis, Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis: 
Partial and full hair loss due to these conditions is difficult and often traumatizing. We deal with a large client base with complete and partial hair loss, offering solutions that restore confidence and smiling faces once again. We are partnered with the NAAF in supporting research and providing donations each year in assisting so many experiencing hair loss. 

We unfortunately do not have all the answers, but do remember, alternative hair is something that can transform how you cope and feel about yourself whichever the case with your hair loss. You'll be surprised to find you may just decide to continue wearing wigs, toppers, hair pieces regardless if your hair loss is temporary. No longer a secret, they've become more and more mainstream in today's society. As common as a packed wardrobe of favorite clothing or shoes, alternative hair has found it's own shelf.