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Returns & Exchanges

Items being returned or exchanged must be received back in factory new condition, ie: original packaging, tags attached, without any brushing, odors or signs of wear or they will be refused.

Email us no later than 5-Business days of your order delivery date to request an RA (Return Authorization) PRIOR to sending items back. Note your order number and if returning or exchanging. No items are accepted back without an RA issued ahead of time.

Our email to request an RA: 


  • You'll receive a response email containing your RA number.
  • Write your RA number on the outside of your return shipping box prior to sending back.
  • Packages returned without an authorized RA written on outside of return box will be refused.
  • Item(s) must be received back within 10-business days of issued RA.


  • Wig care items, costume wigs, Louis Ferre, Henry Margu brands, color rings, sale/clearance items, price matched, and non-domestic U.S. orders.


  • Maximum of 2 items per order.
  • Restocking Fee: 15% of original price (before any discounts received with your order)
  • $8.95 standard shipping deduction (if original order shipped under our free standard shipping offer.)

Any promotional items received with your order must also be returned, or the retail cost of the item will be deducted from your return credit.


  • ONE TIME exchange (maximum 2 items.)
  • Exchange item(s) requested must be of equal or greater value than original items.
  • Standard Shipping fee of $8.95 will apply to have your exchange items shipped.

Discounts and promotional codes received with original order, and or gift certificates are not transferable to exchange items.

Our maximum 2 items accepted back per return or exchange is NOT interchangeable. Total: 2 pieces for exchange OR 2 pieces for return.

Customer is responsible for shipping fees to send items back for return or exchange. Allow 7-10-business days for returns or exchanges to be processed.


Upon order arrival, please check your item(s) immediately. If an issue with order received please contact us no later than 3-business days of your delivery date to request and RA (Return Authorization). Clearly specify in your email, the issue or problem with the merchandise received.

Our policy in contacting us within the time-frame noted will not be waived.

Note: item(s)/orders are video-taped for quality control and accuracy, both outgoing (original shipment to you,) and incoming (from you back to us). Deemed necessary for security measures for both you, the customer and us as the merchant 100% accountable. Do not purposely inflict damage on an item in an effort to avoid return restocking fees, or feel "defect" is based on simply not liking a style. We're aware when items have been tampered with and when they meet manufacturer specification/standards. As shipments/item(s) are crossed checked against video taken of original outgoing shipment, our policy is strict and the standard high on what is deemed as a defect, item(s) ever being shipped incorrectly, or quantity issues.

Return shipping fees are to be pre-paid by the customer. Collect shipments will be refused. Merchandise MUST be received back no later than 10-business days of your issued RA.

If upon inspection, an item(s) is found to have an issue, your return shipping fee will be reimbursed to your credit card used to pay for your original order. The item/order will be replaced ONLY with the corrected or EXACT style and color ordered at no cost to you. Merchandise damaged as a result of customer misuse, excessive treatment or switched on purpose will be returned to you at your cost. 


While our color swatches on product page(s) are displayed as best as possible for the wig brands we carry, keep in mind, there is simply no way to have any of the colors show as "true to life color or trucolor" as is said. Limitations such as monitor resolutions, lighting you are physically standing/sitting in when viewing, as well as a multitude of other subjective factors makes the realm of colors a difficult process in choosing. 

As restocking fees are part and parcel in the hair industry, not only applicable to you, the customer, but as well to us, the distributor (by the manufacturers), if a return or exchange needs to be made on your behalf, our outlined fees do apply. They are not in place as a penalty or way for us to make "extra money," they are our agreed upon policy when you shop with us, are non-negotiable and will not be waived.

Our goal, your color choice is everything you'd hoped for. However, if in doubt of color selection based on not being familiar with the given brand name(s) colors, please either purchase a color ring or send us a hair sample for a complimentary color match ahead of time.


Orders sent back to us as refused or return to sender upon customer's request, please note, when you shop with us, you are agreeing to acceptance of the merchandise ordered. These orders will incur an automatic 30% restocking fee and the remaining balance applied back to your account. 

For orders sent back to us as unclaimed, or "bad address" in information provided us, you will be contacted to notify of your returned shipment. If you wish to arrange for reshipping, once your corrected shipping address has been confirmed and verified, a 10% reprocessing fee, plus the shipping fee requested per original order will be charged. If you opt not have your order reshipped, a 30% restocking fee will be applied and the remainder credited back to your account.