We want you to be happy with your order. Follow the steps below to get your item(s) back to us.

1) Send us an email no later than 5-business days of your order arriving to request an RA number prior to sending back. Note your order number.

  • [email protected]
  • You'll receive a response email from us with your RA (same day, or within 24 hours.)
2) Mark your RA number on the outside of your return shipping box to avoid refusal.

3) Fill out your Returns Form received with your order and send back with your return item(s).
  • Restocking Fee: 15% of original price before any discount received.
  • Standard shipping deduction IF order shipped under our free shipping offer.
  • Maximum 2-items per order accepted back for return.
  • Total promotional discount used on order will be deducted from return credit in the instance of items you've decided to keep fall below the "minimum order total" requirement.
  • We reserve the right to increase restocking fee to 30% for customers who repeatedly order only to return.
  • Item(s) must be received back no later than 10-business days of your issued RA.
  • Allow 3-5-business days for returns to be processed.

  • We refrain from placing previous customer returns in constant rotation from one customer to the next as some wig companies offering 'no restocking' fees.
  • We sell BRAND NEW ITEMS.
  • As the distributor, we are charged restocking fees by the manufacturer(s). Hence, restocking fees.
  • We have a limited inventory sale section you can shop. Each of these items undergo strict quality control prior to ever being placed there and sold at a deeply discounted cost at final sale.
  • We greatly appreciate your business, however if you choose to not honor the agreed upon Returns Policy, respectfully please shop elsewhere. Restocking will NOT be waived.


Items sent back must be in factory brand new condition - "all" original packaging included and in tact without any rips, tears, crushing, all tags still attached, and without signed of brushing, combing, wear or odors. If a color issue, do not try the item on.

Any items sent back that do not meet this criteria, or simply thrown into original box with no regard to ensure returning brand new as shipped to you will incur an automatic 30% restocking fee, or in some instances be returned to you at your own cost.


Henry Margu, Louis Ferre, Tony of Beverly brands, wig care items, headwear, costume wigs, color rings, sale clearance items.


If you need a different color or style, simply place a new order for the item(s) you wish to purchase and send back your return item per our outlined Returns Policy.


Upon order arrival, check your item(s) immediately. If any issue with order received, email us no later than 3-business days of your order delivery date to request an RA. Clearly state in your email the issue with order.

Our policy in contacting us within the time-frame noted will not be waived. Why? Because we as the distributor, are also held to cut of times by the manufacturers of the brand we carry to notify them.

NOTE: item(s)/orders are video-taped for quality control and accuracy, both outgoing (shipment to you,) and incoming (from you back to us). Deemed necessary for security measures for both you the customer, and us as the merchant, in keeping both parties 100% accountable. Do not purposely inflict damage on an item in an effort to avoid return restocking fees, or feel 'defect' is simply not liking a style. We're aware when items have been tampered with and when they meet manufacturer specification/standards. As shipments are cross checked against video taken of original outgoing shipment, our policy is strict and the standard high on what is deemed as a defect, or item(s) ever been originally shipped incorrectly or with quality issues.

Return shipping fees are to be paid by the customer when sending back. Collect shipments are refused. Merchandise MUST be received back no later than 10-business days of issued RA.

If upon inspection, an item is found to have an issue, your return shipping fee is credited back to your credit card used to pay for original order. The item/order will be replaced ONLY with the corrected or EXACT style or color ordered at no cost to you. Item(s) sent back found damaged as a result of customer misuse, or sent back with signs of wear, odors brushing or combing, excessive treatment, or switched on purpose will be returned to you at your own expense. Any item(s) after inspection found to be correct per manufacturer specification will be processed as a return with the applicable return restocking fee(s) applied and without refund issued of your return shipping cost.


Please keep in mind, "true to life color or trucolor" as is said does not exist. There is simply no way ANY image viewed on a device, whether desktop or hand-held can, or will display true color. Limitations with screen resolution, lighting you are physically standing/sitting in while viewing, as well as a multitude of other subjective factors makes the realm of colors a difficult process in choosing.

If not familiar with a color(s) ahead of time, please purchase a color ring or send us a hair sample for a complimentary color match. More on our color match options can be found HERE

Restocking fee will not be waived in a default claim if unhappy with your color selection upon arrival. It is part of our agreed upon policy when you shop with us.


We do not take responsibility nor is a refund issued in the instance of order delays in reaching you due to weather delays, natural disasters, holiday schedules, or a shipping carriers rescheduled delivery date implemented at their discretion. 

Orders sent back as refused, unclaimed, return to sender at customer's request, or as 'bad address' information provided us when the order was placed, note, when you place and order, you are agreeing to acceptance of the merchandise ordered, as well as providing accurate shipping information. These orders will incur an automatic 30% restocking fee and the remaining balance credited back to your account.

Any returned shipment as a result of an error on our part, the order will be reshipped at no cost to you.


If unhappy with our products or service, contact us directly. We are happy to work with you to resolve any issue. If we receive a notification of a chargeback (disputed) charge by your credit card company and you've not shown any effort or willingness to contact us prior to doing so, it indicates you are not willing to allow us an opportunity to assist in resolution. Additionally chargebacks received with respect to feeling agreed upon policy(s) somehow do not apply to you (aka Diva complex) will also be deemed under intent of theft/fraud. In kind, it gives us permission to issue you a bill for both your purchase amount and recovery fees in the amount of the reversal cost by your credit card company. As the customer, you are responsible for the bill to be settled within 30-days. If the bill is not paid, your information is placed with a third-party Collection Agency and your delinquent debt submitted to the three major credit bureaus. In some instances, if the dollar amount meets or exceeds a certain dollar amount, law enforcement will be contacted to file a report of theft of merchandise.

Theft and credit card fraud will not be tolerated. If you intend to purchase our products with the intent of creating a false chargeback, the process outlined will be followed, and or YOU WILL BE PROSECUTED.