Wigs - understanding you need a hair replacement solution for fine thinning hair or complete hair loss allows you to choose from a variety of different solutions. Which one to choose, depends on the degree and area(s) of hair loss. We've outlined some of your options below from full coverage wigs, traditional caps, monofilaments, lace fronts and hand-tied wigs, as well as partial coverage needs including hair topper hairpieces and integration toppers and wiglets.

  • Full Wigs: Experiencing complete hair loss, or large areas of hair loss? If  you've answer yes, a full wig is the choice for you. Whether you hair loss is a result of cancer treatment, alopecia, female pattern bladness or hair pulling, a unit that provides complete head coverage is most often the preferred choice. A full wig allows the wearer to cover the entire head, eliminating any area uncovered for potential exposure.
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Shown above: Envy Carissa

  • Monofilament Top Wigs - also perfect for those with complete hair loss, allowing a smooth skin base top that resembles your own natural scalp. A mono top mimics the look of natural hair growth and provides hair parting for the greatest versatility in styling.
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  • Lace Front Wigs - a great choice if wanting to ensure your front hairline simulates your own. The option of styling the hair on or off the face makes them a desired feature for many wearers. 
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Shown above: Jon Renau Julianne

  • Standard Traditional and Capless Wigs - perfect if  new to wearing or even if familiar with wearing a wig. The cap construction is light-weight and has open wefting along the inside of cap. Airy, and cool wear.
Rene of Paris Coco Wig 
Shown above: Rene of Paris Coco

  • Top of Head Hair Pieces: The choice for men and women with concentrated areas of hair loss or 'bald spots' for overall thinning hair. Often referred to as Top Piece, Wiglets, Hair Enchancers. Made in a variety of head sizes (base size), hair lengths and hair textures and fibers from synthetic, human hair and blended fibers. Designed to be placed at the top of your crown with attached snap toupee clips for easy sliding into your own hair for a secure fit. The hair is then blended with your own, providing coverage, volume and length.
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  • Integration Hair Systems/Pull Through: Known as a hairpiece, or pull through system, made with ventilated open sections, most often with honeycomb open wefting. Perfect for targeted hair loss areas, the wearer pulls they're existing hair through the open wefting and securely attaches the piece with pressure sensitive snap toupee clips (provided with the unit.)
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