Gabor Top Choice Hair Topper (Clearance)

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Gabor Top Choice Hair Topper (Clearance)
Gabor Top Choice Hair Topper (Clearance)
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Top Choice Hair Topper is a clip-in hairpiece by Gabor, consisting of a 6.25 x 5 inch base that works as a top piece positioned at the crown of head. Long layers of hair conceal and add coverage to your own in an instant. An inside hidden weft on the base creates a natural hairline. Application is easy, place the piece at the top of head, use the attached four pressure sensitive clips to slide into your existing hair, snap shut, blend, and that's it. Effortless, and stunning in silky soft synthetic hair fiber that mimics the real thing.
Hair Topper Hair Pieces
Fiber - Synthetic Hair
Base Size - 6.25" x  5"
Weight - 2.5 oz.
Length - Front 8.5", Crown 16", Sides 16", Back 16"
Color Shown - GL14-16

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