TOP WAVE 12 Synthetic Hair Topper
Top Wave 12 by Jon Renau shown in 12FS12 Malibu Blonde
Jon Renau

TOP WAVE 12 Synthetic Hair Topper

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TOP WAVE 12 by Jon Renau - Synthetic Hair Topper

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  • Description
    The Top Wave 12 inch by Jon Renau is a synthetic topper features a monofilament top base for versatile styling in this easy application top piece that adds coverage, volume and length. This womens hairpiece offers a bold, unfettered attitude that shines brighter in this easygoing wavy style. Simply clip-in to your own hair to instantly add volume, length and coverage. The mono base works wonders for realism and versatile styling. Hair parting options from a natural looking scalp make this piece seamless. The perfect solution for women experiencing hair loss in the beginning/progressive stages.

    To apply, use the attached pressure sensitive snap toupee clips to your existing hair, snap shut, blend the hair with your own, and your done!
    The Jon Renau Hair Topper Collection base features:
    • Monofilament top with hand-tied hair fibers allows multi-directional styling and look of natural hair growth.
    • Easy attachment, attached snap toupee clips slide into your own for secure fit, will not cause damage to your own hair.
    • Lightweight and comfortable.
    • Works well with most all hair types.
    • Can be worn as is or tailored by a professional stylist to meet your needs and unique facial features.
    SKU# JR-5992

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