TOP WAVE 18 Synthetic Hair Topper
Top Wave 18 by Jon Renau shown in color 12FS8
Jon Renau

TOP WAVE 18 Synthetic Hair Topper

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TOP WAVE 18 by Jon Renau - Synthetic Hair Topper

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  • Description
    The Top Wave 18 by Jon Renau is a clip-in monofilament synthetic hair topper used to add volume, coverage and color to your own hair. A bold unfettering feminine approach that helps things shine a bit brighter in a wavy longer length hair style. Versatility of a mono base at the top provides realism with the look of natural growth and hair parting options for directional styling. An easy solution for the beginning/progressive stages of hair loss in women.

    Easy application in minutes - attach the pressure sensitive snap toupee clip into to your existing hair, snap close, blend the hair with your own, and that's it!

    Jon Renau Hair Topper Collection base features:
    • Monofilament top base with hand-tied hair fibers allows multi-directional styling and look of natural hair growth.
    • Easy attachment, attached snap toupee clips slide into your own for secure fit, will not cause damage to your own hair.
    • Lightweight and comfortable.
    • Works well with most all hair types.
    • Worn as is, or professional tailored to suit a look perfect for you.
    SKU# JR-5993

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