TP 4004 Human Hair TopPiece
TP 4004 by Louis Ferre shown in color Marble Brown Frosted
Louis Ferre

TP 4004 Human Hair TopPiece

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TP 4004 Human Hair TopPiece

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The TP 4004 by Louis Ferre is a human hair TopPiece with a monofilament large base that adds coverage and volume at the top of head. Made in pure 100% human hair fiber for the ultimate luxury. This larger base size hairpiece features a hand-tied smooth mono top base that contours with the shape of your head. It allows for the look of a realistic scalp and simulated natural hair growth for multi-directional styling and hair parting. It integrates seamlessly. To attach: position on the top of head and use the pressure sensitive snap toupee clips to attach for a secure fit.
  • Louis Ferre Top Piece Hairpieces
  • Hair Fiber: Human Hair
  • Base Size: 7" x 6", Ear 9", Hair Length 12"
  • Weight: 2.9 oz.
SKU#: TP4004

The Top Piece Collection by Louis Ferre are specifically designed for women with thinning hair, adding volume, coverage and length. A Crystal Net monofilament base is soft and contours beautifully for seamless application and natural appearance. Attached at various angles, vertically or horizontally to match the flow of any hairstyle. Fabulous and easy, they apply in minutes. Note, some degree of professionally tailoring most likely required to meet your needs and unique facial features.
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