TP 5001 Human Hair Top Piece by Louis Ferre

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TP 5001 Human Hair Top Piece by Louis Ferre
TP 5001 Human Hair Top Piece by Louis Ferre

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The TP 5001 Human Hair Top Piece by Louis Ferre is a monofilament top half wig made from 100% human hair that adds volume and length at top of head. Toppiece is perfect for fine and thinning hair. It attaches securely in just minutes by positioning the slide clip-in attached toupee clips to your existing hair. Blend the hair with your own and style as you wish. The finest quality pure 100% human hair can be heat styled just like your natrual hair. 
  • Louis Ferre Toppiece Hairpieces
  • Hair Fiber: Human Hair
  • Base Size: 10" x 8"
  • Attachment: Clip-In
  • Weight: 5.4 oz.
  • Lengths: Crown 8", Ear 9", Nape 6"
  • Colors Shown: Spring Honey, Light Chocolate (On Model), Sunkissed Blond
SKU#: TP5001

The Louis Ferre Wigs Top Piece and 1/2 Wig Collection are designed to give fullness, and can be attached at various angles, both vertically or horizontally to match the flow of any hairstyle. The well ventilated Crystal Net base is flexible to contour easily, and looks as natural as can be. Only you will know the secret to your perfect hair.

NOTE, this hair piece will most likely require a degree of professional tailoring by a hair stylist to achieve the look you desire and suit your unique facial features. We reccommend you use only someone who is experienced in working with wigs and pieces to do so.
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