Trendy Do Hair Wrap
Trendy Do Hair Wrap by Hairdo

Trendy Do Hair Wrap

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Trendy Do (Formerly DWTS Salsaloosa)

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The Trendy Do is a hair wrap hairpiece with varying hair lengths, 5.5 - 13 inches in Tru2Life® synthetic heat friendly hair by Hairdo. Formerly the DWTS Salsaloosa with an updated name and brand. Cascading trendrils of hair, this patented wrap hairpiece on an elastic band is easy and versatile. Play with varied looks, the Tru2Life heat resistant synthetic fiber allows the option of using traditional styling tools up to noted temperatures of 350 degrees fahrenheit. The contrasting lengths can be worn curly, straight, or with mixed textures. Yes, we love it too!

Fiber: Tru2Life® Synthetic Heat Friendly Hair
Attachment: Hair Wrap Hairpiece
Consists: 1 Piece
Length: 5.5" x  16"
Weight: 1.2 oz.
Color Shown: R10 Chestnut

Hairdo's fabulous Tru2Life® synthetic fiber can be flat ironed, curled, blow dried using thermal styling tools up to noted temperatures of 350 degrees. The Trendy Do is made in hand-blended colors, up to 7-11 different shades, resulting in a natural look that blends with almost anyone's hair color. 

Washing Tru2Life® heat-friendly synthetic fiber:
1) Add 1 tablespoon of wig shampoo to cool water. 
2) Soak the hairpiece for 5-minutes.
3) Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear.
4) Gently blot hair with a towel, do not rub or pull on the hair fibers or brush of comb while wet.
5) Hang to air dry or use hair dryer (not exceeding noted temperature settings).

Styling Tru2Life® heat-friendly synthetic fiber:
1) Unlike your own natural hair, high heat resistant hair fiber only sets AFTER it cools to room temperature. 
2) Release any curls or flat ironing only upon completely cooled.
3) Never heat style the hair while wearing the piece.
4) Once cooled to room temperature, release curl pattern applied with fingers or wider tooth comb.

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