Under Cover Halo by Gabor

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Undercover Halo Hair Addition - Gabor
Undercover Halo Hair Addition - Gabor

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  • Description

    The Under Cover Halo Hair Addition by Gabor designed to be worn with a cap, turban or other head wrap, this hair piece offers a longer, shoulder-length style with softly textured ends. A detatchable, feathered eyelash bang can be worn with or without the halo depending on the look you want. Suitable for all face shapes.

    Special Features:

    • Detatchable bang changes the look and adds coverage at the front. Optional wear.
    • Velvet lined top rim prevents friction and adds softness.
    • Velvet lined ear tabs blend to cover hairline.
    • Velvet lined nape.
    • Ultra thin adjusters at nape for a more personal fit.
    Hair Additions by Gabor
    Fiber: Flexlite® Synthetic Hair
    Perimeter Circumference: 17 inches
    Weight - 3.25 oz.
    Length - Front 5.5", Sides 10", Back 11.5", Nape 7"
    Colors Shown - GL8-10 Dark Chestnut
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